Should We Raise Our Children To Be Nerds?

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This past week an interesting opinion piece surfaced on CNN by LZ Granderson: He confessed that he is raising his son to be a nerd. While I don’t think that he really understood the nuances of words like nerd and geek, I feel that he has the right idea.

Society has grown to place an emphasis on being athletic and to look down on the smart kids. Maybe it’s a genetic thing, maybe it’s a society thing, but it is definitely something we as a society need to get over. Granderson clarified his position and responded to some critics in a short video. His comments about encouraging us to take our education and take academics in specific more seriously.

What’s your opinion: Should we push our children to be geeks just to spite the jocks, or is there a balance to be found in a future generation?

You can read Granderson’s piece and view his video response on <a href=”″>CNN: Why I’m Raising My Son To Be A Nerd</a>.

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