Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films

Tabletop Games

Inventors Bryan Wilson and Sara Farber, of Galactic Sneeze, rolled out the pink carpet for the Schmovie Premiere at NY Toy Fair 2013

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Bryan Wilson and Sara Farber at Toy Fair this year. They were there to show off their new game Schmovie. It looks like a fun party game that has players creating preposterous movie titles.

Game play is simple. Each player takes turn being the producer, rollinig the die to determine genre, and flipping two cards for the subject. Each player then writes their movie title on a mini white board. The judge’s favorite receives a Schquid trophy and the next player takes a turn as producer. The first player to get three trophies wins.

The games is due to be released in August, but you can play along now on the Schmovies Facebook page. There are already a lot of great movie titles on the page, including “Pickle Me Elmo” and “Seven Year Itch-a-Sketch” for a movie about the world’s worst toy, and “Eclair Witch Project” for a movie about a mutant pastry chef.

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