A Four-Year-Old’s Dream Car is Visualized by BMW

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We’ve all been there – either as kids or as parents – putting crayon to paper and sketching out our dream car. Typically, the more imaginative our cars, the less likely they are to go beyond the crayon stage. But a couple of weeks ago, an uncle sent a request to the Jalopnik car blog. His four year old nephew, Eli, had some specific ideas about how his dream car would be constructed and the uncle was hoping someone in the Jalopnik community could help come up with a realistic drawing to help the boy visualize his dream car.

While not a Homer, Eli’s car had some very pointed specifications: It was a BMW. It had 42 wheels and (of course) was 42 wheel drive. The drivetrain was powered by 19 Porsche engines, producing 459 horsepower. The car would have three steering wheels and many other details to make up the “4219ELi”.

A number of Jalopnik readers submitted renderings of their vision of Eli’s car; each was impressive and undoubtedly thrilled the boy. However, someone else wanted a crack at rendering a design. The marketing team at BMW USA thought it would be fun to fire up Photoshop and re-imagine Eli’s car. With a special trunk just for toys, a custom vanity plate, and the iconic Bimmer M striping, the result is not only a wonderful nod to a child’s imagination, but gives BMW a leg up if DTM goes to its rumored 19 engine requirement next season.

Via Jalopnik.

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