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Nightfall, the aggressive deck-building game full of vampires and werewolves, is coming to iOS soon from Playdek, the folks who also worked on the app versions of Ascension and Food Fight. I liked the mechanics of Nightfall but the theme never really hooked me, so I just haven’t played it as much. However, the ability to play the game on my iPad may change that.

The app should be released in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here are two screen shots to give you a glimpse of what’s in store. For more about the card game, check out my review of Nightfall.


This one appears to be the game creation screen — pick your opponents, and select “Draft” or “Quick Play.” In Draft, you’ll get some choice in the cards that go into your private archives and the commons section.


This is the drafting screen, where you get to choose a card to keep for your private archives, then pass the rest. You’ll end up with two in your private archives, one in the commons, and one gets discarded.

So we haven’t actually gotten screenshots yet of the actual gameplay but you can get a pretty good idea of the look from these screens, and I imagine if you’ve played Ascension or Food Fight some of the interface will seem familiar. I hope they’ll have a better system for getting to ongoing online games more quickly, but that remains to be seen.

Update: Playdek provided a few more screenshots, showing a little bit more of how the game will appear.


This one is the online games menu, and from the looks of it the online games will be structured similarly to Playdek’s other offerings. I really hope this doesn’t mean that — as with Ascension and Food Fight — it’ll be a four-click process to go from a “my turn” alert to the actual game. (But I’m not holding my breath.)



Here’s an image zooming in on the Zacharias Sands card. I can’t entirely tell from the background, but perhaps this is the phase of the game where you’re buying cards: you can see some commons area, the two other players’ private archives, and your own private archives at the bottom.


And, finally, here’s an actual gameplay shot — this is the chaining portion of the game, where you can link together a bunch of cards as long as the chain colors match (and then other players get to add to the end of your chain). The other two players have a couple minions out in front of them, and then there are some numbers next to each player — I’m guessing those are draw, discard, hand … something like that.

We’ll certainly have more coverage of Nightfall iOS when the game launches.

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