Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean: An Unexpectedly High-Tech Toothbrush (Giveaway!)

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Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean

When one thinks of toothbrushes, one does not think “high-tech.” Even electric toothbrushes have often seemed more like gimmicks than gadgets. But apparently Phillips Sonicare takes them a bit more seriously. They sent me one of their DiamondClean electric toothbrushes in the hopes of convincing us gadget-loving geeks that a toothbrush could be cool, and I have to say, they’ve won me over.

First off, it’s a whiz-bang gadget. The build quality is excellent, and the design is sleek and simple. Taking smart cues from the iPhone, there’s just one button. It turns the toothbrush on and off, and lets you cycle through the different brushing modes that vary the length and enthusiasm of the brushing for different purposes.

So, it’s a great electric toothbrush, but what makes it a gadget? Well, first off is that it charges via induction. The brush comes with a sexy chrome base/dock that it rests in to charge. There’s even a very solid rinse glass in the kit that fits over the dock, so you can simply put the brush in the glass when you’re done, and it charges up. Very slick.

But the next bit is the cool part. The kit also comes with a travel case. The case also works as an induction charger, and it’s USB compatible, so not only can you plug it into a standard outlet, you can plug it into your laptop or other USB standard charger to keep the toothbrush topped off. For folks who travel a lot, this it very useful.

This would make a great holiday gift for a hard-traveling soul (available for $175 on Amazon), and we have one to give away! Just fill out the form below to enter the random giveaway (winner will be announced on Friday):

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