Numbers League Dinosaurs and Critters: Kickstarting an Expansion

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Image: BentCastle Workshops

The folks at BentCastle Workshops made the game Numbers League a few years ago. (You can read my review here at GeekDad.) They even made it into an app, making it more portable than ever.

But now, their Dinosaurs expansion is getting a kick start. Already a sizable way into their modest goal, this Kickstarter campaign is sure to succeed, and the resulting cards will beef up the already extensive Numbers League decks.

Numbers League is a game where you defeat villains with your superheroes using arithmetic. Build superheroes, use devices, and enlist the help of a sidekick in combination to defeat one villain at a time. Defeat more villains than your opponents, and you win!

Check out their cute Kickstarter video, where a little puffball guides you through a stop motion orientation to the game.

If the game makers get enough funding, they’ll also be able to print the Critters expansion in addition to Dinosaurs. These packs will give you additional hero and villain cards, but don’t make the game more challenging.

Also available is the Infinity expansion. I own this one, and it really adds a lot of arithmetic sophistication to the game, taking the difficulty up another notch. You may not be able to keep it all in your head!

Fun and fanciful art permeates the game and cards. Awesome music accompanies the app and Kickstarter video. And solid gameplay full of educational benefits makes this game a winner. I’ve been a huge fan for years, and encourage all families to play this game with their kids.

The Numbers League Dinosaurs Kickstarter goes until November 29, 2012. Check it out today! You can also get the base game and Infinity expansion through the campaign.

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