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Regular Show Best DVD coverRegular Show Best DVD coverCartoon Network has spent the last several weeks triumphantly celebrating its 20th anniversary, and it’s used this time to both reflect on past properties and continue to spotlight its current hits. One of these modern day success stories is J.G. Quintel’s Regular Show, which released its second home video collection this Tuesday.

Regular Show: The Best DVD in the World. * At This Moment in Time pulls together 16 stellar episodes from the series second and third seasons into one perfect package. The animated adventures of Mordecai, Rigby and the rest of the park staffers included on this DVD offer all the requisite ridiculous sight gags and ultra-quotable one-liners, but The Best DVD in the World is particularly remarkable as it goes to great lengths to showcase moments that help us as viewers better understand the series’ endearing characters.

Season Two’s “More Smarter,” for example, exposes Rigby’s insecurities concerning his status as a high school drop-out, while the Emmy nominated “Eggscellent” shows just how far Mordecai will go to help his best friend. Similarly “Rap it Up,” “Trucker Hall of Fame” and “Weekend at Benson’s” explain the unique strengths and attitudes of Pops, Muscle Man and the park’s hotheaded gumball machine manager respectively. The back-story of Mark Hamill-voiced yeti of reason Skips, however, likely gets the most fleshing out with both “Skips vs. Technology” and “Fists of Justice” exploring his supernatural longevity and (generally) unshakable demeanor.

Of course these are presented alongside nine other fantastic episodes including series standouts “Cool Bikes” – wherein the guys are tried by a court of extraterrestrial hipsters for being “too cool” – and the especially flavorful “The Best Burger in the World.” It’s a bit odd that season three’s “The Best VHS in the World” wasn’t also included, but given that the DVD extras, a series of employee profiles for all the major characters, actually provide some legitimate content it’s an easy enough misstep to forgive.

All things considered, Regular Show: The Best DVD in the World. * At This Moment in Time is another great offering from Cartoon Network. Retailing for under $20 – and currently around $13 via Amazon – it’s a fine introduction to the show for newbies and an even better keepsake for die-hard fans. It’s also the holiday season’s only potential stocking stuffer that includes special Himalayan ketchup.

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