Most Unusual Uncharted and Halo Reviews on the Internet?

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Theatrical Video Game ReviewsTheatrical Video Game Reviews

Theatrical Video Game Reviews

Earlier this year I took on the slightly crazy challenging of creating a set of theatrical videogame reviews for a local theater. Not one to miss a chance to do something unusual, I said yes. At the time I was of two minds about how well it had all turned out.

Having had a bit of time to reflect on things, I’ve grown quite attached to these quirky reviews and wonder if we have inadvertently created the two most unusual videogame reviews on the Internet. Now, what with the Internet being a rather large place and all, I know that’s a tall order. I’m sure you’ll let us know if you think they live up to that claim in the comments. Over to Bob, Fred and Rebecca…

Bob and Fred’s review of Uncharted

Rebecca Mayes’ review of Halo

If you liked these and want more, all the performances from the theater show are available here. Rebecca Mayes also has a new album coming soon.

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