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ECBC DaypackECBC DaypackA few weeks ago, I flew out of town for a few days to cover a media event. At that time, my backpack of choice was a Coleman camping daypack: small, with enough room for the iPad and a few other gadgets. Daypacks are the perfect size backpacks for everyday use. Most of my co-workers use a messenger-type bag, but I like the ability to put both straps on my shoulders when I have more than the regular day-to-day stuff in tow. Trust me, a bag with a laptop, tablet, water bottle and other sundries, starts to get the better of you with a messenger bag.

Since this was going to be a bag that I would be using daily and would need to be able to travel with, I felt it would be worth it to invest in something nicer, also. Honestly, my co-workers joke that I leave everyday to head out on a scouting mission. With all of this in mind, I picked up the ECBC Lance Daypack to solve these problems. You have probably never heard of ECBC before, because until recently, all they made was industrial packaging. How perfect is that? Take an American company that makes packaging, and let them make cases and bags!

Anyway, back to the Lance – this daypack is sleek. It has a huge cushioned area that will hold a 17 inch laptop. This area also unzips all the way open, so you can put it on the conveyor at the airport open. There is it. Laptop ready for TSA to inspect, without having to take it out of the bag and put it in a separate bin. Of course, your TSA experience may vary and I will let you know how mine goes in about 10 hours…


The Lance also has a separate section for a tablet or other accessories if you are not as gadget-laden as a typical GeekDad. It also has four other zippered compartments and zippered water bottle storage. Yes, one pocket on each side that zips closed and out of the way when not holding your drinks of choice. Not much else to say, because after all, it is a backpack…

Oh yeah! This bag is black and made of water repellent ballistic nylon. Very subtly combat-geeky…. Looks great for my executive day job and cool enough to travel to conventions. I am not going to lie, it is pricey at $149.99, but this bag is the top of the line for ECBC. They have two lower-priced options, the Harpoon and the Javelin. Both have the same features – just fewer pockets.

So far, I highly recommend this bag for daily use. I will let you know how well it holds up before the holidays. It is getting a travel work out starting today, as my carry-on through three connecting flights – so stay tuned for a follow-up.

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