Geekdad Puzzle of the Week – Presidential Anagrams

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Ronald Reagan – “A Granola Nerd”

In honor of the upcoming debates, I thought it would be fun to get a little “Presidential” with this week’s puzzle. But as with anything in politics, it has multiple layers. Successfully decode the anagrams of the Presidents’ names, below, and when you look up each President’s ordinal value, you may just have a cypher to solve. Successfully decode that message, and it may just be a question!

Here are the Presidents, each slightly scrambled:
Worn Jade Snack
Renames Mojo
Rehash a Winy Minor Rill
Henna Scuba Jam
Jays Quondam Inch
Behead Short Furry

Cayman Squid John
Freshman Jots Foe
Jam Offshore Nets
Batman Rev In Urn

Major Hen Offsets
Mafia Jar Ledges

They Surf Harbored
Amber Ninja Rhinos
Threat Crusher
Clanged Revolver
Bent Rum Nirvana
Jam, Cry, Remit

Jets Form No Sheaf
No Jam Dash
Bathed Furry Horse

Send your answer to the encoded, enumerated, scrambled question to GeekDad Central by the end of the day Friday for your chance at this week’s $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate. Many thanks to my co-puzzler Garth Sundem (aka “Draughtsmen,” aka “Nutmeg Shard,” aka “Mashed Grunt”) for inspiring this puzzle.

Good luck!

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