Cufflinks for the Distinguished and Geeky

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R2D2 styled cufflinks from

The use of cufflinks dates back to 1715 and the court of French King Louis XIV, the Sun King. Buttons have long since replaced cufflinks in function but cufflinks and french cuff shirts remain as a sign of more formal dress in these less formal times.

My husband, an attorney, is a bit of a throwback because he prefers french cuffs shirts with his suits. Through the years, I’ve bought him many unusual or antique cufflinks as gifts.

So when offered a review sample of the above R2D2 4GB USB cufflinks, I knew my husband would like them. Unlike most cufflinks, which are decorative, these have the double purpose of also being a memory storage device. They strike me as the kind of cufflinks James Bond would wear to a formal occasion where he’s also secretly trying to download someone’s stored computer information. (Though I suspect Bond wouldn’t wear Star Wars style cufflinks. Maybe tiny sword cufflinks with a sharp edge.)

The only drawback to these cufflinks — and cufflinks in general — is the same problem I have wearing bracelets: metal around the wrists tend to bang against keyboards, particularly laptop keyboards. Priced at $200, these would be for both the serious Star Wars and serious cufflink fan.

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