Coming Soon: Mouse-Sized Weaponry


Black Axe coverBlack Axe cover

“Excuse me, did you get that from Skelton Crew Studio?”

Archaia Entertainment, publishers of the wonderful Mouse Guard books, announced earlier this week that they will be teaming up with Skelton Crew Studio to produce a mouse-sized armory based on the series. Skelton Crew Studio has also made keys from the Locke & Key comics, Thor’s hammer, and Hellboy’s pistol, among other replicas.

They’re starting with the legendary Black Axe, which should be available by the end of this year, but the collection will include “swords, shields, and other armament from the Mouse Guard universe.” Now when you play the Mouse Guard Role-Playing Game, you can actually wield some teeny weaponry!

There aren’t any images of the finished products yet, but here’s a look at David Petersen’s diagram of the Black Axe.

Black Axe Replica DiagramBlack Axe Replica Diagram

David Petersen’s diagram of the Black Axe

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