Molly Lewis + The Doubleclicks = Ladies of Ragnarok Tour

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Ladies of Ragnarok posterLadies of Ragnarok poster

Ladies of Ragnarok tour poster. (Click to embiggen)

If you live in the eastern United States or the Midwest, there are some really cool people headed your way that you should meet. Molly Lewis, known for her song about wanting Stephen Fry’s baby, and The Doubleclicks, two sisters who sing geeky songs about Star Trek and velociraptors, are teaming up for a tour this fall.

I’ve gotten to meet Angela and Aubrey of The Doubleclicks (they played a show with Marian Call this summer, and I also got to see them perform in Seattle last weekend at an off-PAX show), and their shows are a whole lot of fun. And while I haven’t seen Lewis perform in person, you’ve gotta be impressed that she got to sing her Stephen Fry song to Stephen Fry himself. (Though, as of yet, she hasn’t had one of his babies.)

The tour is produced by Dammit Liz, the genius behind W00tstock and JoCoCruiseCrazy, and you can expect a lot of video blogs, tweets, photos, and more from the road. As a bonus, a few of the shows will feature special guests like Marian Call and Joseph Scrimshaw. Check here for tour dates and to buy tickets. Sadly, it’s too late to get in on the fundraising bonuses like T-shirts and postcards, but you can still sign up to help spread the word.

The tour kicks off September 26 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (with a sold-out show) and continues though mid-October.

For a taste of what’s in store, here’s a track from Molly Lewis, “The Year of the Beard,” and The Doubleclicks’ 3-track “Not a Meme” sampler. (Note to parents: the third track from The Doubleclicks is an ode to Wheaton’s Law, so use your discretion.)

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