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When you look down the block from my house, dogs, sports equipment and kids recede to the horizon. On the weekends everyone’s out bouncing, hitting or riding things while dogs bark, retrieve, and knock kids off things in a great, mishmashed orgy of suburban utopia. Then, magically come evening, all dogs and kids return to the houses marked by the correct sports equipment. I’ve been taking notes. And I think the clues might allow me to match kids with dogs with sports equipment — specifically, the yellow lab, black lab, chocolate lab, golden retriever, and Batman the world’s fastest mini doberman, with basketball, hockey, bikes, skateboards, and an adventure park, with Bob, Gaia, Ellie, Leif and Joe.

Can you help? If so, submit your answer to GeekDad Central for your chance at this week’s $50.00 ThinkGeek gift certificate. Good luck! Oh, and here are the clues:

1. None of the Labradors live at the baseball basketball or hockey house.

2. Ellie’s hockey house is not home to Batman, the world’s fastest mini doberman.

3. The adventure course outside Bob’s house is not home to a chocolate lab.

4. Leif’s yellow lab is named Gus and Gus hates to bike.

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