An Undead Half-Witch, Half-Pirate Former Princess on This Week’s Written by a Kid

Geek Culture

Take four minutes out of your day to watch “Rainbow Town,” the latest episode of Geek & Sundry’s Written by a Kid, as told by five-year-old Nora, who is very stylishly decked out in pink cowboy boots. It tells the story of a beautiful princess in a town where everything is brightly rainbow-colored, who dies all of a sudden. Fear not, though, for she quickly comes back to life as a witch, who turns out to be half-pirate. And then there’s the half-vampire, half-girl who saves the day. It’s even funnier than it sounds, which is saying something, particularly because Nora does a much better job narrating than any mere written words could possibly hope to. Director Mike Diva does a fantastic job visualizing the story, too. Enjoy!

Also, be sure to check out Geek & Sundry’s Written by a Kid Creativity Camp for families. It’s fun, challenging, and easy to participate!

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