See Sarek Ignore Spock Live at Portland’s Trek in the Park

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Part of the poster for Trek in the ParkPart of the poster for Trek in the Park

Photo Courtesy: Atomic Theater Company

Feeling a need to get your Trek on but don’t want to stay indoors on a beautiful summers day? Portland, Oregon, theater troupe Atomic Arts has the perfect solution: Trek in the Park offers live outdoor performances of Star Trek episodes from the original series. Last year they introduced us to the infamous Khan in Space Seed:

This year they are performing Journey to Babel, the episode in which we meet Ambassador Sarek and find out that he is Spock’s father. Will the father ever see eye-to-eye with his son? Will Bones ever adjust to his dress uniform? And can any other actor steal a scene like William Shatner? Through August 26th, anyone in Portland can find out, Saturdays and Sundays at 5 pm in Cathedral Park. I hope to see you there!

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