Kids Review the New Skylanders Giants Characters

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The Internet is a mine of information, if only you know where to look. Even there though it comes down to community and relationships to find things fast. Today an online friend who also plays Skylanders (“fellow Portal Master” if you prefer the vernacular) tipped me off to a set of Skylanders images on Noel Shack, a French image-sharing site.

These finally put faces, bodies and various mutant appendages to the Skylanders Giants list I recently compiled. We already had names for the heroes we’d be buying come Christmas time, but until now many had not been seen. These Noel Shack images make for interesting viewing.

As it’s still the school holidays I took advantage of the kids still being around to get their first hand reactions. It was interesting to see how they slowly warmed to the idea of all these new Skylanders, as well as some returning favorites.

Of particular interest, beyond the starring Giants, was the fact that some Skylanders could now be purchased in three forms: original Spyro’s Adventure, reposed and light-core. The kids liked the idea of collecting all three of these Skylanders. Looks like the population of Stealth Elf, Hex and Prism Break will be rapidly increasing in our household.

Seeing the new Skylanders Giants figures I was happy to recognize the same high level of design and craft being spent on each one. There is still a tension in whether the original figures will be devalued by the newcomers, particularly if they don’t get the Wow Powers. But I was happy to hear my kid’s reaction that these would be additions rather than replacements to their collection. This extra information also means we can add elements to the Skylanders Giants list I use to check up on Amazon…

New larger Skylanders Giants figures.

Skylanders from the first game, reposed with light-up components.

New light-up regular-sized Skylanders for Skylanders Giants that weren’t in the first game.

New regular-sized Skylanders for Skylanders Giants that weren’t in the first game.

Figures from the first game that are return in a new pose, as series 2 figures.

Skylanders Giants is available for pre-order via Amazon. $59.99 without a Portal and $74.99 with a Portal. Skylanders Giants figures will be available separately from Amazon: $14.99 for Giants, $11.99 for LightCore and $9.99 for normals.

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