Pitfall! Turns 30 and Gets an Update for iOS

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Marketing image from Activision

I could swear that it’s been more than 30 years since I first played Pitfall! on the Atari 2600, but a quick peak at Wikipedia tells me otherwise. Released in 1982, Pitfall! was one of the first simple, yet addictive games to capture a large fan base. There have been a few sequels and reboots over the year, but aside from a poorly-received Game Boy Advanced version of the game, this is the first one to go mobile.

You can read more about the game Pitfall! at iTunes, or pick it up for 99 cents.

So far I find the game entertaining, but frustrating. Similar to the classic, and more modern copies like Temple Run, this is a run as far, die once and start over type of game. There are tokens you can use for a head-start, but they don’t appear to be plentiful at my skill level.

Wired: Cool graphics, controls, and a fun reboot of the classic that started the side scrolling runner genre.

Tired: Too similar to games that copied the original Pitfall!.

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