New Collectible Card Game From the Creators of Ascension Hits Kickstarter

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Richard Garfield, the creator of the first and still best-selling collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering, has a new online CCG coming out called SolForge. It’s being published by Gary Games, the company of top Magic player Justin Gary, which already has a strong presence in online card games with its Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer game. To get the game launched, the company is turning to Kickstarter for help; the drive launched today, so you can go see for yourself!

The core mechanic that makes SolForge stand out is the way that cards can transform during the game, changing and leveling up during play. This not only increases the cards’ powers but also alters the artwork, something not possible to pull off with non-electronic games.

The game offers a single-player campaign, the results of which can directly impact the game world’s storyline. It also features PvP modes with a variety of different formats to which you can challenge your friends. The game will launch first for iOS, and ports to other platforms (Android, PC, etc.) are planned too.

Those Kickstarter backers that pledge $15 can snap up access to the game’s beta test, a Kickstarter-only Avatar for the game, and five booster packs when the game goes live. Those who chip in $2,500 or more can dine with Garfield and the Gary Games staff and join them at Gen Con 2013.

SolForge CardSolForge Card

An exclusive card image from the SolForge CCG.

Disclosure: I’ve known Richard for years and currently write the Magic: The Gathering comic for IDW.

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