Revisiting Clump-o-Lumps

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My kids created this tableau for me. Photo: Jonathan Liu

I mentioned the Clump-o-Lumps back in February, but since they became available Knock Knock sent me a couple more so we could try some mixing and matching and I wanted to do a brief follow-up. I have to tell you that the fun is indeed multiplicative. (That’s great for your kids, but may be tough on your wallet.) The more of these you have, the more wacky combinations you can make, including a long totem pole sort of animal. My kids have really enjoyed combining Squid-o the squid with Shark-o the Shark and Bird-o the bird.

In fact, my older daughter’s favorite combination is the bird head and torso with a shark tail, creating something that reminds me of the “cardinalbacore” from Jack Prelutsky’s Scranimals book. My younger daughter gets the shark head and bird feet, but she still prefers Squid-o, dressing it in her sweater and flip-flops.

We haven’t had any more issues with the zippers over the past several months, and the kids quickly became adept at combining and rearranging the parts. You can purchase Clump-o-Lumps directly from Knock Knock or from Amazon (though Squid-o isn’t available there).

Update: Through this Sunday (July 22) you can get the entire family of six Clump-o-Lumps for the price of five. Still a pricey endeavor, but if you wanted the whole collection here’s your chance.

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