Just Look At This Awesome Inflatable Banana Protector

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Fruity Faces Banana ProtectorFruity Faces Banana Protector

Fruity Faces Banana Protector, photo by Nathan Barry

Just look at it!

Seriously though, the “Mengi” inflatable banana carrier from UK company Fruity Faces is a great way to help your kids get their five-a-day. It will protect the delicate softness of every kid’s favourite fruit on the long and arduous journey to school and keep it safe until lunchtime.

And if bananas aren’t their thing, then there are various designs of inflatables perfectly suited to apples, oranges and all kinds of round fruit. The colorful design include monsters, footballs and animals and they all have a handy key-fob clip to hook them onto schoolbags.

The company was set up with funding secured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den TV program, where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a bunch of moneyed suits and try to convince them to invest in return for a share in the company. Their success with the Dragons enabled them to expand into more markets including Europe and Australia, with hopes to get stateside soon. Fruit Faces work to promote healthy eating and also donates a percentage of its profits to children’s charities.

(Apologies to Cory Doctorow for borrowing his Boing Boing banana posts’ headline style.)

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