Help Cliffhanger Productions Kickstart Shadowrun Online

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While the arrival of the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter (and its subsequent success) did much to galvanize fans of the classic SNES/Genesis video game, it sadly neglected the singular element that we old school pen-and-paper gamers most desired: a genuine multiplayer experience. But fear not, chummers, because the fine folks at Austria’s Cliffhanger Productions have set their sights on just that.

While Returns focuses firmly on single-player gameplay, Shadowrun Online is poised to translate the original RPG source material into a gritty cyberpunk-fantasy MMO that can be played alone or with friends. Boasting a persistent 3D world that’s accessible on Mac, PC, iOS and Android platforms using either the free-to-play or campaign (Guild Wars-style) model, this title is all about choices.

Similarly, just as you help shape the face of the property by contributing to its funding, your cybernetically augmented Street Samurai, Elven Decker or wizened magic-user will – along with all the game’s other Runners – influence the very playable universe itself. Check out the pitch video above for the full run-down of what Shadowrun Online has to offer, and then take a gander at the recently added prototype gameplay footage below. And, of course, if you’re as excited about this project as we are, please consider contributing to the Kickstarter itself.

EDIT: While Catalyst Game Labs is behind the current tabletop iteration of Shadowrun, Cliffhanger Productions is actually responsible for the development of Shadowrun Online.

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