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The GeekDad Community

We get quite a few people asking if they can write for GeekDad. I think they assume it’s some fancy, high-paying gig, with masseuses and a nice dining room, like Google.

It isn’t.

GeekDad is a bunch of dads and moms around the world who are geeks, and parents, and like to blog about the stuff that interests them. There can be a (very) little money in it, but mostly it’s done for the fun of it. There is some measure of exposure (we are on Wired.com after all), and we all get a bit of attention from the PR folks, but really, we’re here for the love of it.

We don’t want pros. We want real people, who want to write about their geeky interests and their families. And the GeekDad Community is how we intend to find you.

Want to write for GeekDad? Write at the GeekDad Community. Write blog posts, and add projects, and pictures, and video. Contribute to the forums. Become an active member of the Community, and we’ll notice. We’ll feature your posts there. We’ll promote them to GeekDad.com. And perhaps we’ll invite you to become a regular contributor. But we need to see the fire in your eyes (or keystrokes, as it were) first.

Start by reading the guidelines, and get a feel for how to post. There’s a certain look and feel to a GeekDad post, and if you can show an understanding of it early on, you’ve got a leg up. Then start writing. Make yourself at home. Be one of us, and hopefully then, you can be one of us.

And before you click away, assuming that it can never be you, let me tell you this one story: In early 2007, I found a blog called GeekDad, that really fit who I was. Its editor, Chris Anderson, put out a call for new writers. I was (and am still) a full time engineer, who wrote Star Trek fanfic as a hobby. I applied, and was accepted. And then I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. Being a geeky parent was my passion, and I expressed it. And as a result, Chris asked me to become Editor of GeekDad.

Anything is possible.

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