The Tuidle for iPhone – Multitasking With One Hand (Kickstart This)

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One of the most annoying problems with using a smartphone is how so many of its functions are a pain to use one-handed. For such a small mobile device to require two hands can be immensely frustrating, especially when you’re traveling or commuting.

Naveed Ghalib believes he’s come up with a solution for this, and he’s running a Kickstarter to fund the Tuidle. The Tuidle is an iPhone case with an adjustable strap on the back for your finger to slide under. It allows you to firmly grip the phone with just a few fingers, leaving your thumb free for navigation and typing, and your other hand completely free.

The makers sent me a Tuidle ($10 US, $12 Canada, $15 International), which I’ve tested for a few days. (NOTE: I was sent a 3D-printed prototype. They intend to make the final product out of ABS plastic.) It took me about a day to get used to the Tuidle. Okay, to remember that the strap on the back was even there. But once I started using it regularly, it turned out to be surprisingly useful.

The Tuidle for iPhone

I tried it out using a number of different programs, in both portrait and landscape (the strap on the back rotates for easy use in both positions). Taking photos with one hand was pretty easy, though I really appreciated having extra stability with one hand so I could adjust focus and click the shutter with the other hand. Video with one hand was pretty stable as well; certainly a lot less jumpy than one-handed video without the Tuidle.

Jetpack Joyride was much more fun and easy without needing my right hand for stability, interfering with my view of oncoming obstacles. One-handed reading in iBooks was more comfortable too. Even texting one-handed was faster and more accurate.

I also discovered that for many applications, it was much easier on my hands to use my phone with the Tuidle. I tend to grip my phone fairly tight, because I can’t afford to replace broken phones all the time and I’m always paranoid about dropping it. With the phone strapped to my finger with the Tuidle, I found that my hands were less stressed. My paranoia also faded when I could feel the strap over my finger.

The Tuidle definitely does as advertised: one-handed use of the iPhone is a lot easier with it. At $10 (US shipping included) this case is definitely worth it.

The Tuidle Kickstarter ends this Sunday. As of this writing they’re at about 31% of their $8000 goal. Here’s hoping they make it – the Tuidle is a simple but effective iPhone accessory, well worth the investment.

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