All’s Not Well as TableTop Turns to Gloom

Geek Culture

It had to happen. After many upbeat episodes of Geek & Sundry’s TableTop, a dark cloud cast its shadow over the gaming table this week. The good news is that it results in some very funny moments as host Wil Wheaton and his friends, Michele Boyd, Amber Benson, and Meghan Camarena play the really depressing (yet ridiculously fun) card game, Gloom.

In the game, players try to make horrible things happen to their characters before ultimately causing them to die. It’s a race for negative points, but other players can cause good things to happen to competitors’ characters, which is bad, but the results are often hilarious.

While Wil’s win last week was a wee bit wavering, in Gloom, our geek guy gets the good fortune to go for gold again. Will Wil walk away with it or will success sidestep our superstar once more? There’s only one way to find out, watch this week’s episode of TableTop!

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