GeekDad Community Caption Competition: Star Wars Port-a-Potties

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We love playing games here on the GeekDad Community. We’ve already had some Mafia action and there’s also a fun ‘guess the movie’ game going on too, but here’s one more to add to the mix – a good old fashioned Caption Competition.

Leave us your thoughts on what Darth Vader and his ‘Troopers might be saying in this great photo, uploaded by member Mike Galer and hastily ‘shopped by me with a Tatooine set photo by jkno4u from DeviantArt. No prizes, just glory, for the winner! Leave your caption below or feel free to download the photo and remix it to your hearts content, just be sure to re-upload it here when you’re done.

    Recent comments:
  • “Great shot kid! That was one in a million!”


    “You’re all clear, sir. Let’s blow this joint and go home.”

  • What’s in there?

    Only what you take with you.

  • I will go ahead and give it a whirl.


  • No need to tie ourselves down to movies. If anyone’s got a great picture – that you own of course or isn’t subject to any copyright issues – just start up a new forum topic with it and we’ll go from there

  • Hmmmmm.

    Do we want to keep it themed with a movie, or any off the wall picture will do?

  • Looks like we’re spent here – anyone got another great photo we could use?

  • Always two there are.


  • Lord Vader….well……..about those stolen data plans…..well……….yeah…..

  • Are you finished yet?

    No… there is another!

  • Hey I got a caption… Feel the force flow through you!

Come add your ideas to the fun!

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