PS Vita Price War Is Good for Pre-Orders

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PS Vita Launch Purchase (image: flickr/ladyous)PS Vita Launch Purchase (image: flickr/ladyous)

PS Vita Launch Purchase (image: flickr/ladyous)

As we get closer to the launch of the PS Vita ($249.99) retailers start to work harder to win our business. As an early adopter it’s actually one of my favorite times in the console cycle. I can pick and choose where I put my money down to extract the best deal. People power!

One of the issues with this is the constantly shifting Vita pre-order market. What’s the best deal one week may be second best a few days later. This often means I’m checking websites daily, and switching my order from place to place.

In fact I had recently cancelled my Amazon pre-order because I thought I had found a better deal elsewhere. Then today they sweetened their PS Vita 3G/Wifi ($299.99) deal with a $55 bundle (8GB Memory Card, DataConnect Session Pass and PlayStation Network Game).

The issue of storage is often one that catches me out on new hardware, particularly when a device (like the PS Vita) uses a proprietary format. I appreciated the fact that the 3DS came packed with a 2GB SD card already in the console. There wasn’t a big song and dance about it, so it was a surprise when I popped open the SD slot to find one in there already.

However, this time it’s not actually Amazon’s freebies that won me over, it’s the fact that they automatically applied these to existing pre-orders of the PS Vita. In fact, with a limited supply of the $55 pack, those who ordered earlier were at the front of the queue (unlike me who had ill-advisedly jumped ship a few days before).

Now I have my order back in with them, I don’t feel the need to keep checking prices, or what incentives Amazon will come up with next as it seems like they will do the right thing with those of us who have already put our money down on the new console. I’m also figuring that they will be a good bet for getting me the console on day of release (or on the 15th if you order the First Edition Bundle $349.99).

Where are you ordering yours from, and which bundle (and lunch games) got your vote?

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