Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Brings Us a Super Dinosaur

Geek Culture

Robert Kirkman is one of the more popular comic book writers working these days (who doesn’t love Walking Dead, or his run on Ultimate X-Men?), but much of his output is not, shall we say, kid-friendly. That has changed with his new series, Super Dinosaur:

Super Dinosaur follows the adventures of 10-year-old Derek Dynamo and his best friend, Super Dinosaur! Together, they protect Inner-Earth, home of the world’s surviving dinosaurs, from the Evil Max Maximus, who wants to mine Inner-Earth’s DynOre.

And, wonderfully, Image Comics/Skybound has given us an exclusive sneak peak at the new issue (#11), which will be in stores on June 6:

The Exile has Derek Dynamo in his clutches – his master plan is coming together. Is Super Dinosaur too late to stop him? The Exile plans to take over the world — enslaving mankind. How does Derek factor into that? All this and Doctor Dynamo once and for all confronts his nemesis, Max Maximus!

If you want to get in on this series from the start, there is a trade out that collects issues #1-5. You can find Super Dinosaur, and pretty much everything else Robert Kirkman-related, at www.Skybound.com.

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