Hands-On With LightCore Skylanders Prism Break, Shroomboom and Eruptor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Rounding up the news from E3, and passed over by many, is the physical figures and gameplay for the LightCore Skylanders figures. These are the first three of the collection of eight figures that will light up when they are on the portal (in addition to the Giants which also have light-up elements).

Four of the LightCore Skylanders will be re-released (and re-posed) versions of characters from Spyro’s Adventure, leaving the other four to be brand new figures. At E3 we had some hands on time with both Eruptor and Prism Break two re-released LightCore Skylanders, as well as time with Shroomboom a new LightCore Skylander.

At first I wasn’t totally sold on the light-up figures, thinking them to be a novel way of selling more figures. Having seen them firsthand though I’m much more positive about them — and my kid’s eyes really lit up. In fact they got me to go back through my various footage from E3 and pull together this short video of everything I had on the LightCore characters.

Their favorite is still Eruptor, and I can see why. As I mentioned previously the way his mouth lights up as it gets closer to the portal creates a great fire breathing effect. As with all the LightCore characters he also looks better in the game with his glowing chops. Prism Break also positively gleams when played in the game and I’m eager to find out if their improved appearance translates into better stats.

With more and more figures being unveiled my kids have also created their own wall chart to keep track of them. Currently they have three Giants filled in (Bouncer, Crusher and Treerex), these three LightCore characters (Prism Break, Eruptor and Shroomboom) and a smattering of expected Series 2 reposed figures. There’s currently hot debate over whether there will be a non-LightCore version of Shroomboom, something I suspect there will be but the kids are unconvinced.

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