GeekDad’s Exclusive Magic: The Gathering M13 Spoilers

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The M13 Core Set is Wizard of the Coast’s compilation of the best cards, classics that have entered into the Magic canon.

The Magic: The Gathering game expands every year, introducing new worlds filled with deadly perils, ancient adversaries, and fantastic new adventures. At its center is the Magic core set, the game in its purest form: evocative spells, menacing creatures, and infinite possibilities. But even at its core, the experience is ever-changing. The Magic 2013 core set boldly continues this tradition.

With every set we release an exclusive spoiler, but this time we have two! Well, sorta. Click through to see the cards.

The knights, as you can see, are two separate cards yet are basically the same, one for White and one for Black. They’re both intriguing! On one hand, they’re fairly weak at 2/1. And yet, if you have a bunch of these knights protecting you, your solo attacks become all the more deadly.

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