Adafruit Industries’ Ladyada’s Workshop Lego – A Lego Cuusoo Project

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Ladyada's Workshop - Bruce Lowell and Adafruit. Used with permission.

Lego. We love them. They ignite the imagination, allowing both children and adults of all ages to build and create amazing things. Recently, Lego has been specifically targeting young girls in a variety of marketing campaigns, and with the addition of a Lego Friends line. This has resulted in a lot of heated debate.

Enter Limor Fried–founder of Adafruit and featured on the magazine cover of Wired in April 2011–and the Ladyada’s Workshop Lego set.

Over at Lego Cuusoo–a place where people can submit their ideas to be considered as future Lego products–Limor Fried has proposed the idea of Ladyada’s Workshop; a place for budding engineers to explore and create.

There is nothing “frilly” or “girly” about Ladyada’s Workshop. Instead, your child will find all the necessary tools to create the electronics and products begging to be freed from their imagination. What are these tools? The list is quite wonderful:

  • A pick-and-place machine. This will be needed to pick up the miniscule parts necessary for making the circuit boards found in our every day electronics;
  • A laser cutter;
  • A desk complete with microscope, computer, soldering iron, and other tools needed to design electronics;
  • Mosfet the cat;
  • Ladyada;
  • A sewing machine, and more.

I love this idea! I would love to see Ladyada’s Workshop become a real thing. Currently, this proposal is in the idea stage. In order for it to move forward to the next stage of development, it needs your support. Specifically, it needs 10,000 supporters. Currently, it has just under 1,600 supporters.

To find out more about Ladyada’s Workshop and to support it, visit the Lego Cuusoo idea page.

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