Release a GeekDad’s Inner Musician

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One great thing about being a GeekDad is getting cool gifts. ‘Normal’ dads get boring gifts for Father’s Day, like ties or dress shirts. Not geek dads though, we get gadgets, toys and unique items! So far this year I have received the best geek gifts ever, including my DNA as a wall hanging which you can read about here. For years, I have been expressing my wishes for a Ukulele Hero video game for the Xbox 360, so I got the next best thing instead – an authentic musician-quality ukulele. I love how I get my gifts early too, so I can share my experiences with our readers.

My UkuleleMy Ukulele

Like a guitar, only smaller

Ukuleles are experiencing a resurgence of pop culture popularity. I have seen many DIY cigar box ukulele projects lately, and ever since “Soul Sister” by Train started playing on the radio (every other song), I have been wanting to learn to play. Also, they do seem to have become the geek musical instrument of choice. Of course, anyone in high school may think that honor belongs to the clarinet.

The ukulele I received is a 77 Series from Lâg Guitars. It is constructed of fine mahogany and has a satin finish. This ukulele is so much nicer than the Hawaii gift store ukulele that it is replacing. It just feels like a solid crafted musical instrument.

Lâg has been making guitars for over 25 years and premium ukuleles for nearly the same. They have recently expanded their ukulele lineup to include a couple more budget conscience models that are more suitable for the weekend strummer such as myself.

Check out Lag ukuleles here.

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