Getting Genes for Father’s Day


My Little DNAMy Little DNA

I should have gotten blue genes for Father’s Day this year, but instead I got brown. This is not a misspelling; it is just my failed attempt at a pun. Seriously, my Father’s Day present came early this year and I must share it with the world! I received my genetic make-up presented as art for me to hang in my home. My family had my DNA portrait produced by DNA 11.

I have previously written about DNA 11 earlier this year when they sponsored a Kiss Portrait giveaway. We have also discussed their Ancestry Portraits in the past here at GeekDad also. However I must say now that I have one of myself, it is truly a new keepsake for the entire family. The creation process was a gift in itself and was practically idiot-proof. I received a gift box in the mail that you see here.

DNA 11 Gift BoxDNA 11 Gift Box

Then I just opened it up, and took out the sealed and sterilized DNA collection tools. Just like in CSI, I swabbed the inside of my cheek (mouth) and transferred the saliva and cell sample to a collection card.

DNA Cell CollectorDNA Cell Collector

And that was the hard part! After sealing the sample up, I picked out the color palette and any other options that I may have wanted. I just went with the brown on tan, so that it would go with any decor. You know what they say, “khaki goes with everything.” Then I put everything in the enclosed envelope and dropped it back in the mail.

DNA ColorsDNA Colors

Nothing to do after that than just wait for the finished product. It does take a few weeks to receive, which is kind of why I went ahead and got mine early. No matter when you or someone you are buying one for receives their portrait, however, it will be a great surprise. I was very impressed in how well it was shipped and with the final product. The artwork is produced on a very heavyweight canvas and is already gallery wrapped and ready to hang, right out of the box!

If you are interested in getting one for someone special in your family, maybe as a Father’s Day gift, DNA 11 is having a sale right now. Currently all of their artwork is 25% off the everyday price if you use the checkout code GEEKDAD25.

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