Hip-Hop 101 With MC Edgar Allan Poe

Internet People

MC Lars has been espousing his love of literature in hip-hop verse for practically his entire career. With nods to Melville and Shakespeare already under his belt, his newest video single returns to one of his favorite wordsmiths, Poe.

More than just a rap retelling of a literary classic — he took care of that way back in 2004 with “Mr. Raven” — “Flow Like Poe” serves as a slice of musical edutainment that explores poetic meter. In addition to identifying iambs and trochees, Lars also touches on the principles of alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia and that cornerstone of contemporary lyricism, near rhyme.

But most importantly it’s a wholly enjoyable selection from MC Lars‘s forthcoming Edgar Allan Poe EP that might just fulfill your final English credit.

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