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Adam Doppelt is something of a Science Fiction geek. He loves to read Science Fiction, especially really good Science Fiction. He also created some silly app you might have heard of, called Urban Spoon, but that’s not important right now. What is important is that Adam wanted to be able to find all the best SF literature whenever he had the time to read. And so, he created The simple notion is that BestSFBooks tracks every SF book that is nominated for one of 12 prestigious industry awards, including:

  • Arthur C. Clarke Award
  • British Fantasy Society Award
  • British Science Fiction Association Award
  • Hugo Award
  • John W. Campbell Memorial Award
  • Locus Fantasy Award
  • Locus Science Fiction Award
  • Nebula Award
  • Philip K. Dick Award
  • SF Site Editor’s Choice
  • SF Site Reader’s Choice
  • World Fantasy Award

The site ranks books by how many of them each book has been nominated for, and even one. There’s a bunch of cross-tagging so you can search and browse based on year, author, award, and more. So, when it comes time to catch up on all the good SF literature you know you’ve missed out, this is the site to go to for suggestions.

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