XBLA and PSN Retail Packs Help Overcome the Online Hurdle

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Limbo Available on DiscLimbo Available on Disc

Limbo Available on Disc

Technology can bring people together and make our world more connected. However, if we are not careful about our assumptions, it can also lead to us inhabiting very different realities.

For instance, it’s easy to think that everyone who owns a videogame console is online and downloading games directly from the Internet. While this may be true for the majority of tech-savvy GeekDads there are plenty of people who have never, and will not any time soon, go the extra mile of connecting their Xbox or PlayStation 3.

Well, why should they? Actually there are all manner of reasons, not least all those interesting and unusual XBLA and PSN (SEN) games. But of course the problem is that you don’t know what you’re missing until you jump online and take a look.

Limbo is a case in point here. A recent commission to review the game took me back to playing it again and reminded me how startlingly good it is: not only how it looks and plays, but how it addresses some genuinely grown-up themes in a mature and sustained manner.



Like reading any good book or watching a good film, my response afterwards was a desire to get my friends and family to experience it. However, I could count the number of them who are able to access it on the fingers of one hand. Thankfully there is a solution: disc-based versions of download console games. For example, the Limbo, Trials HD and Splosion Man triple pack is $6.49 on Amazon. In one go it does away with any complexity of downloading or getting online.

Not only that, but having tried this great trio of games I suspect other people’s response will be similar to my family:

“How can we get more games like these?”

“Well,” I tell them with a smile, “it just takes a few minutes to get things set up so you can download them.”

Suddenly they are more than willing to invest the time setting getting online, because the benefits have become tangible. Also, for Limbo at least, they can also download games via Steam on the PC or via the App Store on the Mac. While the former also takes a bit of setting up, these are two more ways to overcome that initial barrier to accessing some of the best videogame experiences of recent years.

Various XBLA games are available on disc via Amazon from $6.49.

Various PSN games are available on disc via Amazon from $19.99.

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