Ticket to Ride Steams Onto PC

Ticket to Ride Steam ScreenTicket to Ride Steam Screen

Full steam ahead!

Ticket to Ride, the crowd-pleasing series of board games about trains, has been on a roll. Days of Wonder launched the iPad app a year ago, then made a pocket-sized version specifically for the iPhone. In March they announced that the iPad version would be the first board game app to take advantage of the new iPad’s retina display, and then last month they opened the game up to all Mac users. After the latest episode of TableTop which featured Ticket to Ride, Days of Wonder made the pocket version free to download for a limited time.

But what if you’re not an Apple user? Well, that’s where today’s announcement comes in: Ticket to Ride is now available on Steam for PCs. The game costs $9.99 and comes with the USA map — but for the first week you’ll also get the map of Europe for free. If you download it, you’ll be able to join in games with other players on Steam, iPad, the Mac desktop app, and on Days of Wonder’s online portal — so you don’t have to worry about showing up and finding nobody there.

Ticket to Ride multiplayer screenTicket to Ride multiplayer screen

Of course, if you’re looking for the good old cardboard-and-plastic version, you can still pick one of those up at your local game store or from Amazon. (Personally, I recommend Ticket to Ride Europe, which throws in a few interesting wrinkles.) With the physical version, of course, you’ll be able to appropriately express your nerd rage like Anne Wheaton…

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