Freedom From Cords: Tenqa REMXD Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

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Tenqa REMXD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Image: Tenqa

I’ve spent my headphone-wearing life tethered to a computer or device anytime I wanted to listen to sound without disturbing others. My computer, my iPod, my iPad. Movies, music, YouTube videos. And all without a splitter to share the sound with a friend or one of my kids. A friend of mine is always extolling the virtues of his Bluetooth headphones: being able to do things such as clean the house while listening to lectures and audiobooks. It frees you up from being attached to a fragile and expensive device. So I was excited to finally get the opportunity to review some.

Tenqa sent me some of their REMXD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to try out. After charging them, I tried to follow the pairing directions, to pair them to my iPad. The included instructions were clear, but not accurate. The instructions say to have the headphones off while pairing, which isn’t correct. After much trial and error (with the head phones off, on, plugged into a USB port, not plugged into a USB port), I was finally able to pair them with my iPad (and later a laptop). (Tip: Have the headphones on and plugged into the USB port.)

Once the headphones were paired, however, I never had any further difficulties, but discovered a few things of note: They take a few seconds to start up and become recognized by your device. Also, they auto-shutoff after a short while with no sound, to save power. When sound starts up again, the headphones take a couple of seconds to re-engage, so you miss a little bit of music or dialogue. Then, the sound starts up quietly, soon switching to the previous volume level. This can get annoying if you are doing something with a lot of start and stop of the sound, but it isn’t a problem for most purposes.

The headphones have an off/on switch, volume switch, play/pause button, phone button (for use with cell phones), and a place for the charging cord. The volume switch also doubles as a skip track switch.

The headphones fit snugly on your head and won’t go anywhere. This is nice, but it also means that your ears may get sore after a few hours of wearing them. Mine did, but not enough to be a problem, and your ears will get used to it.

The battery life is very good. I have watched at least a dozen movies and television shows and still haven’t had to recharge the headphones. The charge time is 3.5 hours, with a talk time of 22.5 hours and a standby time of 180 hours. Also, the range of the headphones is about 10 meters, or 33 feet.

I really like not worrying about plugging in a cord or rolling my chair over a cord with these headphones. I don’t like the small amount of missing sound when they re-engage, but it’s a small price to pay for the freedom of Bluetooth headphones.

The Tenqa REMXD Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come in both black and white and retail for $39.00 each. Once you get them paired up, they work really well. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to lose the tether.

GeekDad received Tenqa REMXD headphones for the purpose of this review.

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