RPS Rumble Makes Me Want to Kick Puppies (In a Good Way)


I don’t usually review apps, but I make an exception for RPS Rumble, my current diversion and addiction. Dude, it’s rock, paper, scissors — how hard can it be? Thus went my thinking fifteen days ago. Now I know the truth. It can be hard. Very hard.

Basically, RPS Rumble asks you to slide rock, paper and scissors tiles around various boards to kill off other rock, paper and scissors tiles in order to end with one, king tile remaining. How can you avoid stranding a rock? Or that damn (…er, “darn” — I forgot for a second this is a family blog) paper?

If anyone reading this happens to also be a fan of the weekly GeekDad puzzle, please comment me some rules of thumb (please! I’m dying here…). I imagine it’s best to start with a corner, right? At least, you want to look ahead as in a chess game in order to pick off “pockets” of like shapes and then kill them off toward the center? Or maybe try to line up binary symbols — for example, killing off all paper so that everything’s rock except for a massive board of scissors, then run through it like Vikings through Scotland? It’s tricky and I hate to admit that I’ve been playing it more by guess and check than by anything resembling intellect.

In any case, I have no financial or other connection to this app, but am having a good, massively frustrating time with it. Join me if you dare.

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