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Movie buffs often get a bad deal when it comes to trivia games. Many games either focus on movies from a single studio or offer questions that are far too simple. Fortunately, there’s a new option that is neither overly easy, nor singular in its focus. Name That Movie, an app for iOS devices, brings thousands of trivia questions to the movie geek.

Each game is broken into five rounds that pull questions from seven different question types. The trivia is presented as hangman questions with a hint, clues where the player gets three hints and must pick the answer from an extensive list, and a grid that has three answers (and six wrong ones) to a trivia question. There’s also a movie image or poster that slowly reveals itself, a short clip from a movie that players must identify, a simple trivia question, and three sets of two data that players must match up.

The first round begins with five random questions, each from different question types. As players work their way through the game, each question has a timer countdown with correct answers counting for fewer points the more time dwindles away. Next, the player gets to pick five question types for round two, before moving on to round three where a wheel is spun to pick the question type. In round three, the wheel also selects a point multiplier, but in round four, the player gets to decide what multiplier is added to each question, sacrificing time for higher multipliers. In the fifth and final round, players answer as many questions as they can in one minute. Get one wrong and the game ends.

As you play again and again, you are able to unlock achievements and move up the leaderboard from script writer to big Hollywood producer. The game has an “anti-repetition” algorithm built in and it works. In dozens of games, I have only seen one question repeated.

Questions span the ages of film, from the silent movies all the way to movies that were only recently in theaters, and they encompass every genre from musicals to sci-fi and everything in between. Name That Movie is challenging for even the most astute celluloid scholars and a lot of fun, as well. If you’re a movie or trivia fan, add it to your library today. It’s definitely worth 99 cents.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review copy of this game.

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