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My custom LikeMyCase iPhone caseMy custom LikeMyCase iPhone case

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I’m the kind of guy who likes to own his user experience. I’ve been known to spend hours tweaking my player characters in RPGs (electronic and pen-and-paper). I regularly obsess over my Twitter avatar and coordinating the proper background. Hell, I can’t even drive a car until I’ve made all the requisite adjustments to the air conditioning and audio systems.

Therefore it should surprise no one that my continuing search for the perfect iPhone protector has led me to the land of the customized vanity case. More specifically I recently entered the delightful duchy of, a Britain-based outfit that seeks to create unique and high quality device cases.

The process on the consumer’s end of this equation is practically effortless. You simply upload a photo, select your specific phone model, position the image within the onscreen template and enter your shipping and payment information. The LikeMyCase team, in what at least sounds like a far more fantastical and nigh alchemical manner, then uses cutting edge 3D printing voodoo technology to craft a case design that will neither fade nor scratch off, and they even offer a free worldwide shipping option for money-conscious gadgeteers.

LikeMyCase provided me with one of their exclusive new iPhone 4S DUAL cases, a clever combination of the sturdy shell cover and the typical silicon sleeve. The inner liner provides flexible protection of the phone body/control buttons and an extended bevel that helps shield the sensitive touchscreen, while the hard shell blends the visual appeal of an image of your choosing with a pleasantly utilitarian slip-resistant texture.

anamanaGANGSTA // Devil Rhymeosaur cover imageanamanaGANGSTA // Devil Rhymeosaur cover image

Image credit: Rusty Shackles

For my case design I hit up my pal Rusty Shackles, graphic artist to the (underground) stars, and he came through with a most magnificent concept. His “Devil Rhymeosaur,” the hip-hop T-Rex that graces the cover of the latest phenomenal EP from Atlanta-based rapper Tribe One, not only boasts vibrant, striking colors, but also simulates the halftone effect of classic comic books. It made for both a gorgeous iPhone cover and proved a proper test of LikeMyCase’s printing process.

A test which they passed with flying colors. (Pun!) In fact the quality of their printed products is easily among the company’s greatest strengths.

My only gripes come from the design of the two-part case itself. First and foremost there are the typical iPhone cover problems with port access. While OEM headphones and 30pin chargers fit just fine, larger cables, even Apple’s own video output arrays, just don’t play well with the product.

There is also a minor issue concerning the manner in which the inner sleeve nests within the outer shell. Three rubberized “buttons” protrude through specialized openings that, with some help from the phone’s own girth, keep the two pieces together. However the silicon and printed components don’t always appear flush; there is sometimes a gap that, while slim, is certainly noticeable. This isn’t to say that forcing the two to separate with the iPhone in place is easy or presents any genuine hazard, but if I’m to sacrifice my sleek design for a trio of unsightly holes I’d appreciate it if they were a tad bit more functional.

Other than that my complaints are minimal. LikeMyCase only supports a limited number of device types right now — iPhone 3G/S, iPhone 4/S and the Blackberry Bold and Curve models — so Android users are unfortunately left out in the cold. The only other caveat, which also rather comes with the proverbial territory, is price. The DUAL-style 4S case that I received for my review retails for $40.24, which is a bit on the steep side.

On that end, however, LikeMyCase has offered some relief. Use the promotional code GEEKDAD20 for 20% off your total purchase. This offer is valid until July 31st, 2012, cannot be used in conjunction with any other LikeMyCase offers and does not apply to expedited shipping costs.

If you’re in the market for a one-of-kind phone case or would like to promote your band, site or business with some branded swag, definitely offers a quality product, even if it does come complete with a few quirks.

A side-by-side comparison A side-by-side comparison

Left: LikeMyCase printed design, Right: original image

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Special thanks to: Rusty Shackles and Tribe One

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