Geek & Sundry Launches Today!

Geek Culture

The new YouTube channel “Geek & Sundry” launched this morning, and it’s already as excellent as we’d hoped it would be. You should check it out at your earliest opportunity.

Anton Olsen provided a preview of the channel a couple of weeks ago. So far today the channel, founded by geek icon Felicia Day, has released a music video kicking off Season Five of The Guild, the first installment of Day’s video blog The Flog, the first of the Dark Horse Motion Comics, and the first episode of Wil Wheaton’s board game-playing show Table Top.

So far, I’ve only had time to watch Table Top, in which Wil plays the excellent game Small World with Grant Imahara (of MythBusters fame), Sean Plott (AKA “Day[9]”), and Jenna Busch. It’s a lot of fun — I highly recommend it, particularly if you’ve never played the game before.

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