The Brick Factory: Lego Instrux for the Masses

Geek Culture

Oh my! Just when all hope vanishes after losing the "how-to" booklet for Jabba’s Barge, along comes The Brick Factory and (it seems) just about every instruction booklet for every Lego set imaginable.

Many a Geekdad will remember that the Lego sets of old were not nearly as complex as some are today. The sets were simple and contained only mild variety in pieces – such as sets like the simply titled "Train Set." Other mini-sets, like The Red Racer, assumed that you, little Lego geek, had boxes of basic bricks to add and build your own creations. (And build we did, didn’t we?). After all, the modern version of The Red Racer must be concocted from our own personal geekiness.

We can’t all be Nathan Sawaya, and sometimes the path to Lego geekdom must start with directions. I know many a kid who is nuts for the more complicated sets, and my daughter is no Lego slouch either, but I can’t help feeling a bit saddened by the fact that instruction books are as necessary a component as a base board. Brick Factory to the rescue!

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