Exclusive: Skylanders Wave Four – Dragon’s Peak and Sunburn

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Skylanders Dragon's Peak Retail PackageSkylanders Dragon's Peak Retail Package

Photo by: Anton Olsen

Sunburn is our final character in Skylanders‘ wave four. He is the offspring of a dragon and phoenix and hatched in the center of an active volcano. The only known hybrid of this sort in all of Skylands. Sunburn’s abilities are everything you’d expect considering his heritage. He has the flame breath of a dragon, fiery teleportation of a phoenix, and a rather awesome Phoenix dash that is similar to Cynder’s Shadow dash. Playing Sunburn is challenging at first, but once you upgrade the teleport ability he ca escape and deal damage in the same move. It is likely that Sunburn will elevate himself to be my favorite soon. Sunburn will be available in the adventure pack Dragon’s Peak, a totally new level with a cool side story.

Sunburn the SkylanderSunburn the Skylander

Photo by: Anton Olsen

Dragon’s Peak is a very challenging land for low-level characters. The level starts out rescuing the Dragon king and that sets in motion an adventure that lasted about half an hour. My son and I started out with a level 1 Sunburn and a level 5 Lightning Rod and ended up going through 4 or 5 more low to mid level characters. We finished the boss battle with our level 10 Spyro and Trigger Happy just to be sure we didn’t fail the mission. I took one more trip through the level with a level 4 Sunburn and nearly made it to the final boss before needing to swap in someone a bit more powerful.

Also included with the Dragon’s Peak adventure pack are the Winged Boots and the Sparx Dragonfly treasures. The boots give you an amazing speed boost for about 30 seconds while Sparx Dragonfly is a pet that follows you along and automatically attacks enemies with her fire breath. Sparx lasts about 2 minutes. Both treasures can be removed and returned to the game multiple times, but once the timer runs out it’s out for the round.

Skylanders wave four should be making its way to stores and Amazon soon. I’ll be sure to post links if I see them online anywhere.

Check after the jump for a video of Sunburn.

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