A Princess of Mars Book Discussion on Wednesday!

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A Princess of Mars Book CoverA Princess of Mars Book CoverNot much of a weekend for for Andrew Stanton, was it? Well, Stanton can’t write and direct The Incredibles every time out, can he? And as our managing editor Matt Blum pointed out on a podcast a couple of weeks ago, what is up with that name? If I haven’t read the 1917 book, why would I want to see a movie called John Carter? The question for the film is how many bladders full of the eighth ray of the sun does it take to float a $250 million lead balloon? I am sure that Stanton will bounce back. He is too good of a filmmaker not to.

Well, as promised we are going to have a book discussion of the first book in the series which inspired the film, A Princess of Mars. However, if you have been following our editor and publisher Ken Denmead on Twitter you know that big changes are coming to GeekDad which will make for a much better book discussion, so we are going to hold off until Wednesday!

Perhaps some of you are wondering what kind of erudite and worthwhile discussion can we have around a science fiction book that helped set the definition of the word pulp? Well here are five questions which hopefully can give our conversation more buoyancy than the film:

1. Do you like the book? Why or why not?

2. Did you lose your suspension of disbelief anywhere in the book? Did you care? Why or why not?

3. What did Burroughs do well?

4. What did Burroughs not do well?

5. Does the book hold up today? Why or why not?

Be prepared to engage others in constructive conversation and be prepared to support your point of view from the book. I will see you Wednesday. I am looking forward to it.

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