The Art of the Secret World of Arrietty: Book Review

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As a child, I spent many a happy afternoon poring over a gigantic book called The Art of Walt Disney. It sat on our bookshelf collecting dust, until one day I discovered it there, and lugged it down. It turned out that my dad had brought it back from one of his many business trips. The story behind how he got the book is a little murky in my memory. I seem to remember him saying that he had meetings in Orlando, Florida, and while he was there, he was given a tour through the underbelly of Walt Disney World, and they gave him this book at the end of the tour. I guess I dismissed his story about the getting of the book in a very kid-like way as “yeah yeah yeah YOU GOT BOOK NOW GIVE ME BOOK GIMMMEEEEE.” I really should ask him about it again.

Anyway, inside were gorgeous drawings and stories, and just tons of things to discover. There were plates of background animation for both popular and obscure Disney cartoons and films, penciled drawings, vintage photos, and notes from Walt Disney – among many other wonderful details. I never got tired of it. So when fellow GeekMom Corrina asked me if I wanted to review The Art of The Secret World of Arrietty, compliments of Viz Media, I jumped at the chance to give this book a go.

[Head over to GeekMom to read the rest of Kristen Rutherford’s review of this beautiful book!]

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