Toy Fair Exclusive Cynder Winners

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Photo of Cynder by Anton Olsen

We had over 300 comments on the Skylanders Cynder contest with a lot of people lobbying for their favorite Skylander.

The winners are Cari who loves both Trigger Happy and Drill Sargent; Sjacklitch who prefers the pose and style of Stealth Elf; Kristina who can’t resist the charms of Whirlwind, a flying dragon that barfs rainbows; and Kelsey who likes the detail and strength of Hex.

Thanks to everyone who commented. It was a lot of fun reading the comments and seeing why you liked the characters that you do. A quick count of names mentioned put Cynder at the top, followed by Trigger Happy and Spyro. Trigger Happy was originally my favorite, but he’s since been replaced by Stealth Elf. Her ability to sneak around enemies makes for a completely different play experience. There are also three new figures coming out soon and I’ll have something to post about them early next week. They look like fun and I’m really looking forward to playing them.

One thing I found out recently is that you can play the characters without taking them out of the package. Just set the retail package on the portal. This doesn’t work so well with the multi-packs, but it works great with the singles.

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