Reddit Rewrites the GeekDad Books

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Eepy Bird showers the audience with Diet Coke and MentosEepy Bird showers the audience with Diet Coke and Mentos

CC Licensed Photo By: Richard Masoner

When Reddit reader mcflyfly posted the question about how he and his five year old son can “do science” I’m sure he wasn’t expecting the response he got. The Reddit readers responded with dozens of awesome, inexpensive and easy experiments that will surely inspire the son.

Quite a few of the experiments have been covered in the three GeekDad books, but there are a few gems in there. I recommend browsing through the links that mcflyfly posted in the update. It looks to me like a fun and inexpensive Sunday afternoon in the making. We’ve done a few of them at home before, but I think we’ll be revisiting them soon after robot season is over.

You can read all the suggestions, and some rather funny comments, at Ask Reddit.

I really recommend the super cooled water. I used to experience this a couple times each winter when I lived up north. There’s nothing quite as awesome, and disappointing as trying to take a drink of cold water only to have it solidify the instant you open the bottle.

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