Posable Plushie Tentacles!! New From Steve Jackson Games

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AHHHHH!! RUN!!!!!! The Ancient One is under the couch!!!AHHHHH!! RUN!!!!!! The Ancient One is under the couch!!!

AHHHHH!! RUN!!!!!! The Ancient One is under the couch!!!

Steve Jackson Games is one of our favorite game companies. Not just because they make great games or because it’s the part-time home for GeekDad favorite John Kovalic, but because every so often they do something so far out there that you can’t help but stand up and applaud them.

Such is the case with the new plush tentacles from the Texas game manufacturer. These 30-inch bothria are both friendly and frightening at the same time. They are soft and cuddly, but not to be trusted. Young ones and pets may be grabbed and sucked under the sofa without warning; such is the unpredictable nature of cephalopods.

The tentacles come in two colors, green and pink, and retail for $24.95. The tentacle has a bendable rod inside, allowing you to show off your tentacle in multiple menacing poses. Plus, the tentacle has a felt loop at one end, providing for easy storage or a quick way to attach your tentacle to your belt.

I’m thinking about picking up a few more and turning my home into an absolute Lovecraftian manor. Thanks, Steve Jackson Games!

Disclosure: GeekDad received review samples of this item.

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