Are You Headed to GallifreyOne?




Next week is the 23rd annual GallifreyOne Doctor Who Convention in LA, and I’m taking the family. This is the largest fan-run Doctor Who convention in the world, attracting dozens of guests and hundreds of fans. This year’s guests include Paul McGann (the Eighth Doctor), Camille Coduri (Rose Jackie Tyler), my favorite companion Louise Jameson (Leela), and John DeLancie (not only Q on Star Trek but also Agent Alan Shapiro on Torchwood).

The event starts Friday the 17th and runs through Sunday the 19th and, while the programming is first and foremost targeted at Doctor Who fans, the conference also includes a large track of science fiction media (TV, film, comics) panels, and some science-related programming as well. This year, famed comic writer Marv Wolfman — who also happens to be a huge Doctor Who fan — will be there.

This will be my family’s second time at the event. We went to see Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor) and Sophie Aldred (Ace) a few years back at GallifreyOne number 19 — code-named 19th Symphony. Every year, the great brains responsible for the event give it a new code name. This is year is the 23rd event, code-named Network 23 in honor of Max Headroom. According to conference organizer Shaun Lyon, “We’ve had trouble coming up with a good name (14 was our clunker!), but I’m happy to say we actually have names already for 24, 25 and 26 picked out…”

This year promises to be a lot of fun, with the standard panels, autographs, and discussions, but a few special events, such as Louise Jameson doing a one-woman show, stand-up comedy, and a Masquerade ball.

What I really appreciate about the con is how family-friendly it is. There’s plenty for our kids to do, and an overall safe environment for them to geek out in. Shaun tells me, “People who attended the first few conventions we did are now coming with their adult children, and some of those are themselves having kids too.” Registration at the door will be $90 for adults, but only $35 for teens (12–17) and kids under 12 get in free with an adult.

I hope to see you there!

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